About BCI

Battery Council International (BCI) is a not-for-profit trade association established to promote the interests of the lead battery manufacturing and recycling industry. As the industry’s principal association, BCI’s member services have a global impact. BCI brings together the leading lead battery manufacturers and recyclers in North America and around the world, and establishes technical standards for battery manufacturing and actively promotes workable environmental, health and safety standards for the industry.

Testimonial from Dave Shaffer, EnerSys

BCI’s primary goal is to support our members’ efforts to create and sustain the most successful circular economy on the planet, to provide members with the most up-to-date information on marketing and technical developments, and to provide them updates on regulatory and legislative initiatives that could affect the global industry. BCI provides ongoing governmental, legislative liaison services for the industry and has established itself as the collective voice of its members and an authority on battery-related information.

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